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When looking at Audi as a whole, it has had the best start in regards to sales in any year within company history. This growth is displayed in many different percentages in every region in the world that Audi has a presence in.

The regions that showed the most growth year-to-year were North and South America. Within these two regions, sales were up by just over 15 percent of a total of slightly over 16,000 units sold during the month of January. Within all regions, 137,700 units were delivered throughout all of January, which is a growth of 10.3 percent car sales compared with January of last year.

Luca De Meo, one of the key members for sales of the Board of Management at Audi AG, has stated that “Audi has made a good start to the New Year even though the global economic uncertainties remain considerable. With the successful January results, we have laid the foundation for further growth in 2015.”

Some characteristics drove the sales within the United States. For instance, the deliveries rose to just over 11,500 units, which is a huge 14.3 percent jump from the last January. However, this number wouldn’t mean much if the numbers from the previous year were trending downwards. In truth, the opposite has shown to be the case, as the sales for January mark 49 straight months within the United States that have seen overall growth of unit deliveries. Canada displayed one of the largest regional increases as well, jumping a vast 26.3 percent.

The Audi A3 and Audi Q3 are two of the latest vehicles that went on sale for Audi in this past year and have spurned much of the growth in many regions, including Canada. Brazil alone experienced a total increase of sales of 20 percent, up from just over 1,100 units to well over 1,300 units.

Though the growth percentages weren’t quite as substantial as was seen in the Americas, Europe also displayed a good amount of growth in all regions. All mid and full-size models offered by Audi were quite successful among customers throughout Germany, as the Audi A4 rose by just over 36 percent in sales in the region, while the A7 Sportback was up by more than 35 percent and the A6 by more than 14 percent. Overall, deliveries nearly hit 20,000 in Germany, which is around a 13.6 percent growth from the previous year. Spain and the UK were two other regions that rose by a huge amount in January, with a 7 percent gain for the former and an 8.1 percent gain for the latter.

The Audi Q5, in particular, is proving to be one of the most modern vehicles by Audi in Europe. The sales for this mid-size SUV grew a massive 81.7 percent in January, while Spain saw a growth of 67.5 percent during the same period. Though Audi is present in a wealth of different countries, these numbers are taken primarily from their top 20 regions. Throughout the top 20, it was Turkey that saw the largest growth percentage wise out of the bunch. Though its total deliveries of 1,785 don’t compare with regions like the US or Germany, this marks a sales growth of just under 110 percent.

Along with the United States, the Asia-Pacific area saw a total growth of 14.3 percent in its vehicles deliveries in January, with total sales at just under 60,000 units. China saw growth of 15.1 percent, while the growth rate of South Korea more than doubled this at around 31.5 percent. There are some reasons for this boost in growth in January. For one, Audi took the top spot among all luxury vehicle manufacturers in January with the 10.3 percent worldwide growth, which is the first time Audi has topped in worldwide sales since June of 2014. Though the Mercedes-Benz saw a 14 percent jump in overall sales, the total sales figure of 125,865 is still well below the 137,700 units sold by Audi in the same time frame.

It’s also vital to note that two of the largest reasons for the growth in most of the regions throughout the world in which Audi has a presence is due to the A3 family of vehicles, as well as the newly released Audi TT, which has proven to be strikingly popular in many regions. The Audi A3 family of vehicles include the Audi A3 Sedan and the A3 Cabriolet. These two vehicles have seen the largest jump among all Audi vehicles in January, totaling up to an increase of just over 58 percent of units throughout all regions.

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