All About Mercedes-Benz

Luxury is the word associated with Mercedes-Benz. The brand image of the vehicle has deeply penetrated the minds of the people over the years. Mercedes-Benz is the most preferred luxury all over the world. Exquisite German design blended with luxury features is what makes this machine unique. There are many classy models of Mercedes Benz which have made it a reputed brand regarding quality, safety, and class.

The first car of the company dates back to 1886.The Mercedes-Benz 170 is supposed to be the first car of excellence. The 1950 model 300 SL Gullwing is the world’s first supercar. 300 SL Gullwing along with 220 sedans is often regarded as the most precious possessions by collectors of Mercedes-Benz., The 300HP The 1963 600 Limousine with the V8 engine and the 300 SEL-Class were known for their ability to achieve the speed of 60 miles in six seconds.The popularity of the brand is evident from the “Mercedes-Benz” song by Janis Joplin’s.The song talks about the pride possession of the Mercedes-Benz, be it a new one or a used vehicle.The company’s vehicles are divided into different classes according to their styles. The list includes Hatchbacks, Multi Activity, Saloon, Estate or Coupe, Diesel, Fuel-injected, Off-road or Sports vehicle, Kompressor”, Long wheelbase, Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), Luxury Tourer vehicle (LTV), luxury sedan, Touring. Other classes include CL, CLS, GL, GLK, SL, and SLK, denoting l

Luxury coupe, roadster, 4-door and special or light among other things. There is a growing demand for used Mercedes vehicles. 1985 Turbo Diesel is reputed for its durability. Apart from being a safe vehicle with a solid body, It can also be converted to run bio-diesel. The 2002 E320 or E430 4-Matic is another car in demand. There are many other models which you can fetch at a competitive price. E-Class, 8 cylinders convertible under 20,000 miles costs around $59,995. A 2009 S-Class like the S63 can be purchased for around $66,995 and a 2007 M-Class, ML500, for $43.995. 2004 E-Class, E320 4-Matic with 100K miles, $16,995; 2000 E-Class, E430 or 2000 M-Class, ML320, both with over 100K miles, can be purchased under $8,000.This is the best buy for college students and youth. Mercedez Benz which was the premier luxury car has faced some stiff competition and which resulted in a bad phase for the company. The company bounced back with tremendous confidence and succeeded in surpassing its competitors. Mercedes-Ben.

If you have taken a test drive with the latest model, you are going to love the smart and accurate steering. Overall, most of the features are promising, and the performance works for the price charged. What is the catch then? Well, nothing actually, but the rear seats are smaller. If you are someone over six feet, the room is not good enough. The only unacceptable catch is the boot space that appears to be compromised for the sake of big light clusters, but that’s easy to handle as the missing elements can be covered in the B class. It is the lightest Mercedes on the road and works for its good performance with glitches that can be overlooked when you seek the brand at any cost. Hit the countryside to experience the feel of the mode, which takes a good control of everything on the road. Not to forget, this small Mercedes can just be perfect for the city dwellers dealing with parking spaces. While not perfect, it’s worthy of a feel for a Mercedes car!

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